Radiant floor heating is ideal for any building where comfortable, even temperature is desired.

For at least 8 months of the year, heat is required in Canadian buildings in order to maintain a comfortable environment. When planning for a new heating system, radiant floor heating should always be considered as a heating alternative. It is suitable for any building small or large, including residential, industrial and institutional buildings. And, radiant floor heating can act as the primary heating system for the entire building or simply as supplemental heating to provide added comfort to certain areas within the dwelling.

Here a few of the many applications for which radiant floor heating is suited:

  • Residential buildings:

    houses, apartments, condos, basements, design-build custom homes, cottages

  • Commercial buildings:

    retail shops, offices, car dealerships, arenas, atriums, churches, hotels, sport clubs, airports

  • Institutional buildings:

    schools, retirement homes, hospitals, prisons, dormitories

  • Industrial buildings:

    shops, garages, warehouses, manufacturing plants, agricultural barns, freezers, greenhouses, as a thermal brake for offices above open parking lots.

Outdoor heating systems

Piping can be installed under any surface outside the building. Circulating hot water will heat the surface, melt snow or maintain temperature in raw materials piled on it.

  • Snow / ice melting systems for drive ways, walkways, ramps, entrances, garages and car washes
  • Tempering or warming patios, porches, decks to extend the outdoor season
  • Heating industrial material storage pads to eliminate freezing

Hydronic system

Detailed Design
  • building heat loss calculation
  • full hydronic system design including in-floor piping layout drawings and distribution piping design
  • project material list
  • detailed project quote
Complete Installation

Hydronic heating

Hot water based heating is rapidly gaining popularity in North America. After a long period dominated by forced air heating, customers are recognizing the difference in comfort and quality that hydronic heating brings to their living space. Hydronic heating has a long tradition. The innovations and changes in technology provide us with modern materials and methods to provide the ultimate in comfortable, efficient heating.


If you are looking for quality heating – radiant is the answer.